Desmond Chiam

So it seems whenever my friend Desmond Chiam, winner of CLEO Singapore’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2011, is preparing to return home to Australia after a prolong stay stateside we somehow manage to do some photos. Desmond is an aspiring actor and model based out of Australia, Singapore and hopefully soon LA. Desmond is a really chill dude and the best part about him, aside from his accent, is that his name is Desmond and it always reminds me of Desmond Hume from LOST!

Oh… and Desmond is so legit that he has his own IMDB page!

Some of his work:

Yours Truly” – short film

I Don’t Know, Let’s Sing” MV by my awesome friend and singer Jennifer Chung!

Welcome to eBay” – my personal favorite lol!

– D^2


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