California Adventure

One great thing about living in Southern California, besides the weather, is having Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. I think Disney really outdid itself with it’s new Cars Land, the amount of detail they put into it is really impressive.

– D^2

DIS_0149 DIS_0150 DIS_0151 DIS_0161 DIS_0193 DIS_0195 DIS_0211 DIS_0215 DIS_0216


Femme Royale

It’s been just about a year since I was encouraged to try CrossFit and found a Livingsocial deal at one particular CrossFit gym, Anaheim CrossFit West. My workouts prior had begun to become stale and I needed something more to motivate me and boy did I get my money’s worth! Not only have I found a place where I’m constantly pushed to be better and do more, but I’ve found another family that is highly encouraging and fun to be around with. This past weekend we were out to support two of our ladies competing in an all-female competition, Femme Royale, at Orange Coast CrossFit. Great job to our ladies for holding it down and special shout-out to one of the doctors I work for, Chanida Sintuu, the one who encouraged me give CrossFit a try!

One month until my first competition at NLI on April 6th, gotta keep training hard until then!

Link for the full gallery of photos here.

– D^2

FIT_0235FIT_0264   FIT_0256FIT_0248FIT_0280  FIT_0350  FIT_0375  FIT_0313FIT_0334FIT_0394FIT_0402


My latest interview trip for PA school took me out to Miami. I had never been to Miami before so I was excited and when I think about Miami I think of the beach and just vibrancy on color. They also have some great food there. Hopefully next time I’m there I get a little more time to explore. I also attempted my first time-lapse photo and it came out pretty good! Looking forward in trying out some more time-lapse in the near future.

– D^2

MIA_0067 MIA_0076  MIA_0073MIA_0089


Continuing on my grad school interview was a trip up to Portland, Oregon where I was interviewing at Oregon Health and Science University. I have to say, I love Portland with their amazing transportation system and great eateries. Enjoy a few of the photos!

– D^2

POR_0022 POR_0025

Some awesome chocolate from Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe

POR_0027 POR_0028

Some great food that fulfilled my risotto craving and Aimee’s love of filet mignon at Pazzo Ristorante



Had to stop in and try to famous Voodoo Doughnuts

POR_0034 POR_0039


Saw this place on the way back… perhaps next time I’ll try it out!